There is a good reason why we chose JetBackup as our main product of service.
Think about it, most of our data today is digital and there are a bazillion websites out there. It seems that common practice for documenting our lives is blogging and social media. Ecommerce websites have seen massive growth over the past years and proven to be a cool source of income for whomever that can manage the few clicks it takes to build a WordPress website along with a little time and persistence.


With that in mind, there is a dire need for reliable, automated and safe backups. While we are busy managing our online lives we need a solid solution to back it up in case something goes wrong – and there’s always something that goes wrong, right? Whether it is bad coding, a failed update/upgrade, successful hack attempts or corrupted data, it doesn’t take long before a backup is needed to restore your website to its original condition.


What’s awesome about it is that you don’t need your hosting provider to restore your data, you can do it easily all by yourself – Full account restore, file/folder restore, database restore, disaster recovery, backup to multiple destinations including Amazon, DropBox, BackBlaze, SSH and more!


Consider these 4 Reasons to Use JetBackup:


    1. Cost – In house solutions include infrastructure and storage – if you’re in the IT business you know that this can be expensive. Cloud backup has more costs than meet the eye. Most hosting companies will offer “basic” backups, but you’ll have to pay for the “pro” version to be fully covered. With JetBackup you pay the low price of $3.95/month!!!


    1. Reliability – No one can ever vouch for fully functional backups unless they offer safety backups, like we do.


    1. Disaster Recovery – while most service providers guarantee 99.99% uptime and availability, reality proves that this is not the case. When outages occur you need a disaster recovery plan… well we have this built out for you 🙂


  1. Scalability – We offer multiple backup jobs with multiple backup schedules to multiple destinations. We basically provide you the autonomy and power to manage your backups the way you want.


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