GDPR Compliance Process [Revised May 23rd, 2018]

The much awaited “GDPR” (General Data Protection Regulation) unveiled by the European Union will come into effect on May 25th, 2018. JetApps has been hard at work implementing this process of data privacy and the “right to be forgotten”.  We are happy to announce that JetApps is now fully GDPR complaint. We are also committed to helping clients bring their businesses to full compliance as quickly as possible. GDPR Key Terms In order to better…

We (really do) Listen!

I’ve been using online services and tools for quite a long time now … I guess you’d call me a dinosaur 😉 Along the years I have came across some great tools which I had no problem paying a substantial amount of money for in order to enjoy them. A tool that as a sysadmin, designer, musician, artist, etc. made my life easier and at the same time was pure fun was worth every penny….