For years now, the hosting community has searched long and hard for an affordable turn-key failover solution for their clients.  JetApps saw this need and wanted to fulfill this void in the market immediately with a product called JetClone. Unfortunately, our core product JetBackup becoming wildly successful has caused us to focus all of our resources toward this backup software for the time being.  While we still plan on eventually developing this high availability / load balancing product called JetClone there is currently no set ETA. The good news however is that you still can set up a failover solution using JetBackup!

Inside JetBackup there is a feature called a clone job.  A clone job is a smart cPanel migration with 2 very distinct features.  First, you can apply a recurring schedule to it so the migration of the cPanel account can take place daily or even hourly if you want.  Secondly, it is incremental in nature so that each recurring clone job that runs is only migrating over the new and updated files for that cPanel account.  

The last step of the process includes bringing in a 3rd party dns service.  With a dns service provider like DNSMadeEasy, you will be able to configure your domain to failover to a 2nd IP address.  You will simply put the IP address of the cPanel account hosted on the 2nd cPanel server where you have directed your clone job to be stored.  

By using our new and improved JetBackup WHMCS module which will be available to the public in the next couple months, as a hosting provider you can monetize this process by selling clone jobs directly to your VIP clients that don’t want to wait for a backup to be restored.  A clone job will ensure their website will see virtually no downtime at all!