In this feature spotlight we will take a closer look at the account filters feature in JetBackup.  This feature gives you the ability to include or exclude specific accounts from a backup job based on the account name, size of the account, account status (active, suspended, etc), cPanel package name, and much more.  With Jetbackups ability to create unlimited backup jobs to unlimited destinations, account filters gives you the flexibility and freedom to create your own backup plan for your server.

Let’s take a real life example of a current JetBackup user and how he harnessed the power of account filters within his cPanel server:

The first thing you may notice is that there are 3 separate backup jobs setup and running on this server.  Let’s look at each of these backup jobs one at a time:


Backup Job #1:  Backup all Accounts”

  • Destination set to “rsync03”
  • Configured to backup full accounts incrementally
  • 2  schedules associated with this backjob job
    • Daily with 14 retained backups
    • Monthly with 12 retained backups
  • Account Filter configured to:
    • Exclude suspended accounts
    • Exclude the account named “hevrotni”

This particular backup job is the JetBackup user’s main job that covers virtually all accounts requiring a restore with the exception of 1 account that was excluded.  The backup job should run a little bit faster by not having to process suspended accounts whose data has not been altered.


Backup Job #2:  meruba-ticket-390106”

  • Destination is set to “meruba-ticket-390106”.  
  • Configured to backup full accounts incrementally
  • 1 schedule to run daily after main backup job completes with 30 retained backups
  • Account filter configured to ONLY include account named “herrotni”

This appears to be a VIP client who requested his own private destination in which all his backups are to be pointed to for his cPanel account.  He also requested a greater retention limit of 30 backups for his account. Only his 1 account is being backed up in this backup job.


Backup Job #3:  “server_config_files”

  • Destination set to “rsync03”
  • Configured to backup directories incrementally
  • 1 schedule to run daily after meruba backup job completes with 2 retained backups

This backup job simply backups up files/folders instead of cPanel accounts.  Only 2 backups needed for retention.


As you can see, this is just one of the very many backup job configurations set up by JetBackup users.  Are you a current JetBackup user who has used account filters to set up multiple backup jobs? Please share your backup strategies with the JetApps community here: .