We are pleased to announce that Google Cloud Storage is now a supported vendor on JetBackup 5’s S3 Compatible Plugin v1.0.19! This plugin version will be available on all JetBackup 5 versions v5.1.10 and above across all tiers!

DISCLAIMER: The S3 Compatible Plugin is still Experimental as we continually push new features and updates to increase its stability. Please use it under your own discretion.

Installing and Enabling the S3 Compatible Plugin

Before creating a new Google Cloud Storage Destination you must first install and enable the S3 Compatible Plugin. To do so, please navigate to Plugins -> Available Plugins and you will find the S3 Compatible Plugin is available to be installed.

Available Plugin Page

Then, you can enable the plugin by switching to the Installed Plugins tab. Select the plugin to reveal the Enable Button or use the radio button under the Enabled column on the right.

Installed Plugins Page

Configuring Your Google Cloud Storage Destination

Once you enable the S3 Compatible Plugin, please navigate to the Destinations Page and select Create New Destination. The Create New Destination page will appear and you may begin configuring your Google Cloud Storage Bucket as an S3 Destination.

Create New Destination Page

As you are inputting your Google Cloud Storage details please keep in mind the following notes:

  • The Backup Directory path must begin with ‘/’ and must not contain any special characters or whitespace.
  • You can create Access Key/Secret Key for your Google Cloud Storage from the Google Cloud Platform. For more information about these keys please visit: https://cloud.google.com/storage/docs/authentication/hmackeys
  • JetBackup 5 utilizes the Google Cloud Storage Default Endpoint: https://storage.googleapis.com If you are using a custom endpoint, please configure your destination as a Custom Vendor.

Finally, click Save and you may now use your new Google Cloud Storage as a Destination for your Backup Jobs!

We would like to take a moment to thank everyone who pushed for this feature in our Feature Requests. If you would like to see more supported Destinations, please leave your suggestions here: https://request.jetapps.com/.

We look forward to hearing from you and the community as we continue the development of JetBackup 5.

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