The new features in JetBackup Version 4.0.17 include:

  • New cPanel frontend integration with independent AngularJS
  • New translation library implemented for both WHM & cPanel
  • Security plugin section with Imunify360 and CSX integration
    • allows automatic file restore and locking a backup when malware is detected
  • Restore & Download priority groups added to set which accounts are the first to get restored or downloaded
  • Google Drive cache support for much faster backup!
  • 3rd option added to the Disaster Recovery Wizard
    • Continue with current data if manually imported or still local from the previous installation
  • New Amazon S3 destination configuration settings:
    • added multipart_theshold and multipart_chunksize to control the max chunk size sent for each call
  • New SMTP validation fields & progress bar added

The major bug fixes in JetBackup Version 4.0.17 include:

  • #1475 – [Abort backup job] Child processes still alive on CloudLinux servers – For example when clicking on the STOP button from the GUI the rsync process was still running as an orphan process.
  • #1425 – [Backup Job] Hide Schedule Time field when After backup job done is the only schedule of the job
  • #1457 – [Backup job] Reverse health check issue – Alerts weren’t always sent.
  • #1490 – account vanished while the backup is running – Got fatal error when deleting an account when a backup job is running.
  • #1481 – [Settings->Snapshots] Backup Job for Snapshots – disable the ability to choose a non-accounts backup job as the snapshots job.
  • #1519 – Avoid duplication while a backup job is running
  • #1590 – Executing GUI backup jobs will run with an unlimited retain
  • #1555 – Feature showcase appears only after refresh browser on a fresh install if already had a JetBackup DB from the previous install.
  • #1387 – File/Dir restore fails when path contains space character.
  • #1604 – Remove the SSL backups option from cPanel GUI. The option was removed on the previous version but was still exists on the cPanel GUI.
  • #1580 – [WHM JB Reseller View] Widgets still shows up (with errors) when permission is set to No.
  • #1570 – [Destination – Amazon] Unlimited Bandwidth option missing.
  • #1534 – Automated Daily DR Export (internal backup) failed due to the default disk space issue. We removed the disk check from this process.

For more information, please visit the JetBackup For cPanel Change Log.