We are pleased to announce that the JetBackup Management Console now supports JetBackup 5 servers as of v1.0.10 which is currently available on the EDGE tier. This comes with the addition of a new JetBackup 5 Addon Plugin JBMC Backward Compatible Plugin (v1.0), currently available on JetBackup v5.2+.

DISCLAIMER: The JBMC Backward Compatible Plugin is currently EXPERIMENTAL as we continue to push new features and updates to improve its stability. Please use it at your own discretion.

Connecting a JetBackup 5 Server to your JetBackup MC

Please ensure the following prerequisites are met before connecting a JetBackup 5 Server to your MC instance:

  • JetBackup MC is version 1.0.10 (EDGE)
  • JetBackup 5 Server is version 5.2.0+(EDGE)
  • All General Security recommendations are considered/implemented
  • The MC Server has a valid Root Authentication method to the JetBackup 5 Server

After these prerequisites are set, navigate to JetBackup MC -> Servers -> Add New Server and find the following configuration screen.

Fill in the required fields with the necessary details then click Apply/Save. The JetBackup MC Server will attempt to establish a connection to the JetBackup 5 Server and automatically Register/Install the supporting JBMC Backward Compatible Plugin on the JetBackup 5 Server. Once complete, you will see the newly added server in the server list with the JetBackup 5 Column displaying the current installed JetBackup 5 Version.

Accessing your JetBackup 5 Server via the MC

Once your JetBackup 5 Server is successfully registered to your JetBackup MC, you may now use the Connect JB5 Server Feature to access the JetBackup 5 Server. Unlike previous versions of the JetBackup MC, the Connect Server Feature no longer creates an iframe of the JetBackup Panel. Instead, the JetBackup MC will now open a new tab with the login session in order to give full access to the JetBackup 5 Panel.

JetBackup 5 Alerts and Logs

The JetBackup MC server will automatically receive all Alerts generated from the connected servers. You can filter these alerts on the Alerts Page based on Level (Information, Warning, Critical) and Server.

Additionally, the JetBackup MC will be able to list and view all Logs generated on the JetBackup 5 Server. You can view JetBackup 5 Logs from JetBackup MC -> Servers -> Server Logs. On this page, you may download the log file as a .txt file or view the log file within the JetBackup MC Modal.

Does the Optimizer work with JetBackup 5?

The JetBackup MC Optimizer also fully supports JetBackup 5 Servers! Be sure to manage the Automated Tag Rules accordingly to allow your configured Optimizers to adjust JetBackup 5 Backup Jobs. You can “preview” the Optimizer changes by going to JetBackup MC -> Optimizers -> Preview Optimizer. For more information on JetBackup MC Optimizers please be sure to check our documentation by clicking HERE.

The JetBackup Management Console is great for those who have multiple JetBackup Servers.

The centralized dashboard makes it quick and convenient for any hosting provider to view and manage their JetBackup instances, jobs, logs, and alerts of multiple servers in one centralized interface!

The key features of the product can be found here: JetBackup Management Console Key Features

Interested in trying the Management Console first? A free 10-Day Trial can be ordered here: JetBackup MC 10-Day Trial

We look forward to hearing from the community as we continue the development of our products.

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