Here are the bug fixes in JetBackup Version 4.0.15 :

  • Prevent identical backups from different backup jobs to be inserted into the restore queue.

  • Old restore conditions did not show up on cPanel GUI (only for 4.0.14 clients). A migration script was added to fix it.

  • Improved destinations free disk calculation.

  • For the snapshot setting “Backup Job for Snapshots”, the ability to choose a non-accounts backup job was disabled.

  • CGI warnings on cPanel log have been fixed.

  • Monthly scheduled backup job was fixed so it no longer loops on the 1st of the month.

Here are the new features in JetBackup Version 4.0.15 :

  • Improved CloudLinux Support for restorepkg & pkgacct
  • Tool Tips have been added inside the GUI to provide more detail.

For more information, please visit the JetBackup Changelog.