JetApps recently released JetBackup 5.1.13 to the EDGE Tier. These release notes summarize core bug fixes, plugin updates, additional features, and some GUI updates! Please note that “Base” features and bug fixes apply to all JetBackup Supported Platforms. Panel/Plugin Specific features and bug fixes included as their own sections.

What’s New

JetBackup – v5.1.13 (Base):

  • Add conditional snapshot settings from JetBackup 4 to JetBackup 5 Backup on demand settings. #635.
    • You can now create conditions based on Account Disk Usage and Inode Usage for the Backup on Demand Feature.
  • Limit restore per account feature from JetBackup 4 to JetBackup 5 #677
    • You can set a limit for restores based on the Number of times queued per X hours.
  • JetBackup 4 Job Monitor is now available in JetBackup 5 #.
    • We will classify the Job Monitor alerts as Critical (Level 3) for Notification Integrations

Bug Fixes

JetBackup – v5.1.13 (Base):

  • Redesigned the Backup and Queueable fork creation to ensure we do not leave forks open – #637.
  • Implemented a new Cleanup Process for temporary files left by aborted processes – #702, #787, #788, #818,
  • Fixed a bug where the Destination Reindex Process does not update if aborted too early – #733.
  • Restoring a Database Backup Item now restores user grants of existing preassigned users – #803.
  • Added more debug information to Download logs when an error occurs – #823.
  • Reindex process no longer removes lock status on backups – #824.
  • Added the ‘_id’ field to the Alert Object when using the listAlerts JET API call – #845.

JetBackup – v5.1.13 (cPanel):

  • Added a new WHM Hook to the PkgAcct::Restore event to Sync Accounts after cPanel restorepkg – #85.
  • Made improvements to the way JetBackup 5 fetches SSLs during a Backup Job – #75.
  • Adjusted the default Excluded files/folders for cPanel Accounts – #83.
  • A single failed certificate backup no longer causes all certificates to fail – #84.
  • Resolved an issue that caused Email Restores to have cPanel uapi errors – #86.

JetBackup – v5.1.13 (Direct Admin):

  • New DirectAdmin Events now properly trigger the JetBackup 5 Sync Accounts script – #15.

JetBackup – v5.1.13 (Linux):

  • Fixed undefined method errors when using the JetBackup 5 restorepkg script – #22.
  • Account Disk Usage/Inode Usage displays on the Dashboard if Repquota is configured – #23.

Plugin Updates

S3 Compatible Destination Plugin – v1.0.20:

  • Added retry capabilities for Empty HTTP Response errors – #44.

Telegram Notification Plugin – v1.0.2:

  • Added new formatting to Alerts.

Slack Notification Plugin – v1.0.14:

  • Added new formatting to Alerts.

GUI Updates

JetBackup – v5.1.13 (Base):

  • The Alerts Page now shows if we successfully sent the alert to your configured Notification Integrations – #340.
  • On the View Backups page, the Restore and Download actions grey-out and provide a tooltip if no backup items selected – #743.
  • The End-User Panel no longer has default access to debug logs – #781.
  • Fixed an issue with the JetBackup Version Tier appearing as “Unknown” – #810.
  • If you exclude an account in the Restore and Download page, the Encryption Key Column will not reset – #813.

Known Issues

The resolution of these issues is currently in progress!

  • Port JB4 Feature to JB5 – Clone Jobs (JB5 Base #828)
  • Resource limit the jetbackup5d service (JB5 Base #843)
  • End-user panel redesign (JB5 Base #835)
  • Direct Admin Email Forwarders not being backed up. (JB5 Base #694)
  • The backup Cleanup Task does not trigger in some cases (JB5 Base #832)

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