JetApps recently released JetBackup 5.1.14 to the EDGE Tier. These release notes summarize minor core bug fixes and efficiency updates that greatly improve JetBackup 5!

What’s New

No additional features this time around! Please stay tuned for more features in future releases!

Bug Fixes

JetBackup – v5.1.14 (cPanel):

  • Home directory restore now properly merges with new files when also restoring Config Backups – #87.

JetBackup – v5.1.14 (Linux):

  • Removed unnecessary Post Restore Events – #24.

Additional Packages

JetApps Cli – v1.1.6

  • We updated the packages in the JetApps cli to account for the cPanel Nightly Cron failing JetBackup install.

Jetphp73-Jetindex – v7.3.26.7

  • This package update adjusts the way JetBackup 5 restores/downloads from Destinations using the new Indexing Engine to be more efficient

Known Issues

The resolution of these issues is currently in progress!

  • Port JB4 Feature to JB5 – Clone Jobs (JB5 Base #828)
  • Resource limit the jetbackup5d service (JB5 Base #843)
  • End-user panel redesign (JB5 Base #835)
  • Direct Admin Email Forwarders not being backed up. (JB5 Base #694)
  • The backup Cleanup Task does not trigger in some cases (JB5 Base #832)

For more information on closed issues, please visit JetBackup Change Log.
For more information on new features, please visit JetBackup 5 Documentation.
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