JetApps recently released JetBackup v5.2.6 to the EDGE Tier. These release notes provide a summary of core bug fixes and plugin updates! Please note that “Base” features and bug fixes apply to all JetBackup versions. Panel/Plugin Specific features and bug fixes have also been added.

What’s New

JetBackup – v5.2.6 (Base):

  • Added the ability to manage backup schedules across all backup jobs – #939
  • Updated the default performance settings for new installations – #1004
  • Added log for restorepkg restore actions to be more verbose in steps – #1010
  • Added Restore/Download progress status to queue – #1027
  • Changed Panel’s interface to add Database connection per account in addition to the server database – #1046
  • Added a Disabled tag when tryng to restore accounts from a diabled destination – #1051

JetBackup – v5.2.6 (Linux):

  • Implemented Access Tokens for API calls – #33

Bug Fixes

JetBackup – v5.2.6 (Base):

  • Added descriptive warning message if FTP crypted password is not provided – #955
  • Fixed issue where some special charactes prevented packages from getting assigned by JetBackup – #984
  • Reseller accounts now only have access to multi-user restore page if they are given permission – #1020
  • Fixed issue where account reassign modal clears search bar – #1024
  • Subdomains are now restored before parent addon domains – #1036
  • Fixed alert level of Aborted by Hook Alert to WARNING – #1037
  • Changed Restore Hooks to send Aborted by Hook alert – #1040
  • Added guard to prevent one server from installing different JetBackup panel – #1057
  • Fixed log entries when downloading snaps to only be written on the queue log – #1058
  • Added ending slash to plugins’ Repository URL input area – #1062
  • Added Clone type for Destinations filter – #1077
  • Improved database authentication method – #1078
  • Fixed issue where backup can be corrupted if a destination is edited while disabled – #1082

JetBackup – v5.2.5 (Base):

  • Fixed cause of some first installation failured on Ubuntu/Debian Systems – #901
  • Fixed an issue where JetBackup WHM Hooks disappear after being updated on Ubuntu servers – #1034

JetBackup – v5.2.6 (cPanel):

  • Updated the JetBackup installation process to generate an App Key and allow WHMCS Single Sign-on Integration – #101
  • Fixed an issue when restoring Email accounts where their login is disabled – #103
  • Fixed an issue where cl.selector PHP settings are not properly restored – #104

JetBackup – v5.2.6 (DirectAdmin):

  • Fixed an issue where Jetbackup could not perform certain database backups due to socket restrictions – #78
  • Fixed pathway for DNS Zone files to be properly backedup/restored on Ubuntu Systems – #90
  • Fixed the homedir structure after cross-platform restorations – #94
  • Fixed the Multiple Account Restore process to handle the account creation lock – #95

JetBackup – v5.2.6 (Linux):

  • Fixed naming of temporary created files used to restore MongoDB collections – #32
  • Added 401 Unauthorized response when an unauthenticated API call is made – #34
  • Changed the pipe character, “|”, in the “CreateUserSession” URL – #35

Plugin Updates

Slack Notification Plugin – v1.0.16:

  • Added pagination for the Authentication process to allow workspaces with hundreds of channels – #3

Slack Notification Plugin – v1.0.15:

  • Added support for private channels – #2

Known Issues

The resolution of these issues is currently in progress!

  • Remove terminated accounts from the filter – JB5-Base #885
  • Directories backup tries to backup excluded folders – JB5-Base #583
  • Restoring Addon Domains with custom Addon Domains Directories now preserves the proper user/group ownership – JB5-cPanel #96
  • Implement’s quota command to fetch destination usage – JB5-SSH #27

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