JetApps recently released JetBackup v5.2.7 to the EDGE Tier. This release introduces support for Oracle Linux 7 and 8, as well as a new Notification Plugin for Microsoft Teams among other core bug fixes and plugin updates! Check out the release notes below for a summary of cases addressed with this release. Please note that “Base” features and bug fixes apply to all JetBackup versions.

What’s New

JetBackup – v5.2.7 (Base):

  • Added Schedule Type information on snapshot deletion log – #1093
  • Added Notification Plugin for Microsoft Teams – #976
  • Added support for Oracle Linux OL7 and OL8

JetBackup – v5.2.6 (Linux):

  • Implemented Access Tokens for API calls – #33

Bug Fixes

JetBackup – v5.2.7 (Base):

  • Addressed an issue with Backup Fork TTL not killing forked process when JetBackup is actively uploading data to destination – #1147
  • Fixed an issue where duplicating a running Backup Job shows that duplicated Backup Job running as well – #1133
  • Addressed an issue with Backup Schedule calculation with “After job is done” schedule type – #1121
  • [Disaster Recovery] Fixed an issue with Sync Account timing out causing main jetbackup fork to close unexpectedly during DR – #1115
  • Improved Automated Task Exception handling – #1113, #1114
  • Improved Jetindex Engine Stability – #1109
  • Introduced Hourly Tasks for JetBackup Plugins – #1105
  • [GUI] Addressed an issue loading translation files for the GUI – #1116
  • [GUI] Fixed an issue with both confirmation box and toast notification showing up when saving notification configuration – #1132
  • [GUI] Fixed an issue with columns not getting sorted when viewing group items for the queued item – #1124

JetBackup – v5.2.7 (cPanel):

  • Fixed an issue when backing up an empty ssl db file – #109
  • Fixed an issue with backticks ( ` ) in db user yaml file causing MySQL backup to fail – #111

JetBackup – v5.2.7 (DirectAdmin):

  • Fixed an issue with the !include/!includedir directives throwing a syntax error when fetching mysql configuration – #100
  • Fixed an issue processing backups for accounts with lock files temporarily generated by various third-party processes – #98

Plugin Updates

S3 Compatible Destination Plugin – v1.0.26:

  • Improved memory allocation and handling during download tasks – #55
  • Added support for Oracle Linux OL7 and OL8 – #56
  • Added new Wasabi Region – EU-West-2 (Paris, France) – #57
  • Implemented CURL Connection Timeout for S3 Requests – #58

Known Issues

The resolution of these issues is currently in progress!

  • Issue with Pagination when fetching channels in Slack – JB5-Slack #5
  • Post restore Issue on Roundcube Email Cache – JB5-Base #1130
  • Remove terminated accounts from the filter – JB5-Base #885
  • Restoring Addon Domains with custom Addon Domains Directories now preserves the proper user/group ownership – JB5-cPanel #96
  • Implement’s quota command to fetch destination usage – JB5-SSH #27

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