JetApps recently released JetBackup v5.2.8 to the EDGE Tier. This release introduces support for Rocky Linux 8, as well as a new “Retry Failed Backup Item” feature that you could enable on your Backup Jobs! Check out the release notes below for a summary of cases addressed with this release. Please note that “Base” features and bug fixes apply to all JetBackup versions.

What’s New

JetBackup – v5.2.8 (Base):

  • Added the ability for Backup Jobs to retry processing failed backup items once – #493
  • [API] Ability to execute an account reindex by providing the account_name – #1104
  • Added support for Rocky Linux 8
  • Improved the naming convention for generated downloads – #1149
  • Added a pop-up warning that Backup TTLs will be triggered when re-enabling destinations – #1092
  • [QoL] reduce non-assignable Orphan Accounts metadata TTL to 14 days – #1142

Bug Fixes

JetBackup – v5.2.8 (Base):

  • Fixed an issue where Roundcube Email Cache does not get properly updated after restore – #1130
  • Fixed an issue where the Logs page loads indefinitely due to a corrupted log – #1160
  • Fixed an issue with Non-UTF8 package names causing a service failure loop – #1125
  • [GUI] – Fixed an issue with displaying Backup Sizes for Archived/Compressed Backup on Local and SSH destinations – #1167

JetBackup – v5.2.8 (cPanel):

  • Fixed UAPI Error: The quota must be a positive integer or “unlimited” – #114
  • Fixed an intermittent issue that causes JetBackup to only sync 1 account after a server reboot – #72
  • Excluded JetBackup services from the cPanel find_outdated_services script – #113

JetBackup – v5.2.8 (DirectAdmin):

  • Fixed an issue with Subdomain backups only fetching up to a max of 50 subdomains – #101

Plugin Updates

S3 Compatible Destination Plugin – v1.0.27:

  • Added support for Rocky Linux 8 – #60
  • Added new Wasabi Region(s) – ca-central-1 (Toronto, Canada) and eu-central-2 (Frankfurt, Germany) – #60, #62

Known Issues

The resolution of these issues is currently in progress!

  • Add the ability to set Slack notifications by directly passing the channel_id – JB5-Slack #5
  • Remove terminated accounts from the filter – JB5-Base #885
  • Restoring Addon Domains with custom Addon Domains Directories now preserves the proper user/group ownership – JB5-cPanel #96
  • Implement’s quota command to fetch destination usage – JB5-SSH #27

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