We (really do) Listen!

I’ve been using online services and tools for quite a long time now … I guess you’d call me a dinosaur 😉 Along the years I have came across some great tools which I had no problem paying a substantial amount of money for in order to enjoy them. A tool that as a sysadmin, designer, musician, artist, etc. made my life easier and at the same time was pure fun was worth every penny….

Disaster Recovery in 5 Easy Steps!

Every service provider aims to deliver 99.99% uptime, a noble goal indeed. However, reality proves that outages can and do occur from time to time. Whether it be scheduled maintenance, network failures, DDoS attacks or just a clumsy tech who stepped on a cable (yep, you read it right) , downtime will rear its ugly head in many forms. Last week, a client from one of our sister companies had a networking failure at their…