JetApps is excited to announce the release of JetBackup v5.3.5 to the BETA Tier which includes critical bug fixes, added support for Debian 12, and allows admins to exclude databases by size in backup jobs. Please note that “Base” features and bug fixes apply to all JetBackup versions. This update also includes improvements on MySQL Exception handling, promoting Clone Jobs to STABLE, and implementing a new method for Cron backups and restores.

Bug Fixes

JetBackup – v5.3.5 (Base):

  • Improved accuracy when determining the size of directories #1708
  • Fixed SQLite database directory not being cleaned #1707
  • Fixed segmentation fault when there are a high number of items to restore/download in a single account #1692
  • Resolved scan functionality that causes infinite restore loop #1689
  • Fixed compressed directory backup always showing completed #1683
  • Implemented new method for Cron Job backup/restore #1679
  • Update destination usage task logs as errors even when successful # 1678
  • Fixed thread exited due to a fatal error found in JetBackup/Core/Threads/JetThreads #1677
  • Reload security plugins when changes are saved #1674
  • Reload repository failing to open the repo data file #1657
  • Fixed Fatal error on listLogs function after reboot during job #1645
  • Promote Clone Jobs to STABLE #1640
  • Typo when successfully adding a backup job to queue #1666
  • Fatal error on corrupted log file #1647
  • Add “Dump gtid purged” option #1642
  • Add Debian 12 support #1627
  • Implemented option to set the maximum size of a database #1583

JetBackup – v5.3.5 (cPanel):

  • Exclude pkgacct log file from account backup #176
  • Add more information when the cPanel restore script fails but the exit code shows success #173
  • Implement new cron job handling mechanism #177

JetBackup – v5.3.5 (Plesk):

  • fixed customers with Greek Letter Names shows ??? characters on the accounts page #51
  • fixed Undefined variable $filename when backing up #50
  • fixed fetching accounts on specific Plesk license types #41

JetBackup – v5.3.5 (Linux):

  • Handled the newly added MySQLException from MYSQL wrapper #60
  • Implement new cron job handling mechanism #59

JetBackup – v5.3.5 (InterWorx):

  • Handled the newly added MySQLException from MYSQL wrapper #90
  • Implement new cron job handling mechanism #89

JetBackup – v5.3.5 (DirectAdmin):

  • Fixed clone job when reseller is downgraded to user #171
  • Fixed MV function now returns void #168

Plugin Updates

S3 Destination Plugin v1.1.2

  • Improved Account ID field description #91

OneDrive v1.0.1

  • Increased the chunk size for multipart upload #12
  • Add the ability to choose the HTTP version #11

Known Issues

The resolution of these issues is currently in progress!

  • Error restoring SSL certificates on Plesk – JB5-Base #1714
  • [SSH] Failed to release locked backup process JB5-Base #1699
  • [Direct Admin] private_html symlink option not stored properly – JB5-DA #174
  • [Clone Jobs] Make cloning emails incremental – JB5-Base #1159
  • Error restoring MySQL user backups created on v10.3, cannot restore on v10.4+ – JB5-Base #1684

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