Jetapps is excited to announce the release JetBackup v5.3.8 to STABLE tier. This release promotes updates covered in prior 5.3.x releases to our STABLE tier which addresses critical bug fixes, significant enhancements to the backup and reindexing process, and added support for more operating systems and destinations. The release notes below provide a summary of cases addressed with this release. Please note that “Base” features and bug fixes apply to all JetBackup versions.

Bug Fixes

JetBackup – v5.3.8 (Base):

  • Reset the ‘encrypted’ value for snapshots – #1718
  • Failed to update jetbackup5-base package when server is running mongo 6 on a older OS – #1749
  • Fixed verification file appearance when switching backup structure on a backup job – #1697
  • SQLite database locked error if backup is partially completed when transfer to destination finish with issues – #1735
  • Improve progress bar to calculate total files of download/upload in backup, fixed restore/download processes before the process starts – #1736
  • [Reindex] Misleading message to run Integrity Check on SSHv1 destination – #1734
  • Adjust Server Backup Job Experimental Notices – #1757
  • Excludes not saving properly – manage backup job action – #1730
  • Split files directory on the remote destination while backing up to avoid destination files per directory limit – #1726
  • Improve the reindex process by adding the ability to perform reindex by snap – #1724
  • Removed Edit Exclude option when Exclude databases is not selected – #1722
  • Change the destination workers from “per fork” to “per destination” – #1753
  • [BMR Backup] Exclude custom workspace directory from the backup #1710
  • MySQL user backups created on 10.3- cannot be restored on 10.4+ #1684
  • [Backups] Re-name “Disaster Recovery” backup job to “Server Backup (BMR)” – #1661
  • [Clones] Panel Config clone restores Cron Jobs even if Cron item is unchecked – #1656
  • [Clone Job] Make cloning emails incremental – #1159

JetBackup – v5.3.8 (cPanel):

  • Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: JetBackup\Panel\Account\Account::_humanReadableToInt(): Return value must be of type int, float returned in /usr/local/jetapps/var/lib/jetbackup5/Panel/Account/ – #181
  • Exclude pkgacct log file from account backup #176
  • Add more information when the cPanel restore script fails but the exit code shows success #173
  • Implement new cron job handling mechanism #177
  • [Backups] Never finished error when PHP Handler for PHP version is set to “none” – #175

JetBackup – v5.3.8 (Plesk):

  • End-user GUI fails to load when a user under CageFS – #1663
  • Restoring subdomains from SSH Legacy sets incorrect group – #1717
  • Plesk repair on subdomain returns exit 1- #1716
  • Errors restoring SSL certificates – #1714
  • DNS Zone records not being applied properly – #1711
  • Unable to restore a database from “Plesk Application”-based installation of WordPress – #1706
  • fixed customers with Greek Letter Names shows ??? characters on the accounts page #51
  • fixed Undefined variable $filename when backing up #50
  • fixed fetching accounts on specific Plesk license types #41
  • Group names are set to root after restoring – #46

JetBackup – v5.3.8 (DirectAdmin):

  • [Clone Jobs] Reseller downgraded to the user is still cloned as Reseller – #1233
  • Fixed clone job when reseller is downgraded to user #171
  • Fixed MV function now returns void #168

Plugin Updates

SSH Destination Plugin v1.1.2

  • Failed to release locked backup process – #1699

S3 Destination Plugin v1.1.2

  • Improved Account ID field description for Cloudflare R2 destination #91

OneDrive v1.0.1

  • Increased the chunk size for multipart upload #12
  • Add the ability to choose the HTTP version #11

Known Issues

The resolution of these issues is currently in progress!

  • Unable to retry failed items as end user with the set permissions – JB5-Base #1733
  • Private_html symlink option not stored properly – JB5-DirectAdmin #174
  • [Linux Panel] Add connection test to Databases Auth settings – JB5-Linux #1729
  • [Restore – S3] Deleting directories during HomeDir Files restore causes stuck restore – JB5-Base#1688
  • Email Notification Integration sends email in incorrect format – JB5-Base #1682
  • [Plesk] End-users are shown the “Directories” tab – JB5-Plesk #1675

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