JetApps has recently released JetBackup v5.3.4 to the EDGE Tier featuring essential bug fixes for core function and Plesk Integration. Please note that “Base” features and bug fixes apply to all JetBackup versions. Specifically, this update addresses issues such as improper exclusions of files and directories, a new approach for handling group names, and ensures the group name is restored properly on Plesk.

Bug Fixes

JetBackup – v5.3.4 (Base):

  • Fixed the option to exclude Directories and Files – #1665
  • Resolved restoration issue for group name – #1672

Jetbackup – v5.3.4 (cPanel):

  • [Backups] Never finished error when PHP Handler for PHP version is set to “none” – #175

Jetbackup – v5.3.4 (Plesk):

  • Group names are set to root after restoring – #46

Known Issues

The resolution of these issues is currently in progress!

  • [BMR] System recovery process loops in certain cases – JB5-Base #1563
  • inotify intermittently causes fatal errors during installation – JB5-Base #1635
  • Issue backing up MySQL users using caching_sha2_plugin – JB5-CP #172

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