JetApps recently released JetBackup 5.1.12 to the EDGE Tier. These release notes provide a summary of core bug fixes, plugin updates, new features, and some GUI updates! Please note that “Base” features and bug fixes apply to all JetBackup versions. Panel/Plugin Specific features and bug fixes have also been added.

What’s New

JetBackup – v5.1.12 (Base):

  • Added a new Reinstall button for Plugins – #705 
  • Added a label with the database engine name to the DB and DB Users under the Advanced Settings – #682

JetBackup – v5.1.12.1 (Direct Admin):

  • Allow JetBackup to use Local/Internal IPs for DirectAdmin Requests – #66
  • Added a configurable URL Request time-out option to Panel Settings – #70

S3 Compatible Plugin – v1.0.19:

  • Added support for Google Cloud Storage – #41
    • Official announcement coming soon!
  • Added a configurable CURL Retry option in for S3 Destinations – #35

Bug Fixes

JetBackup – v5.1.12 (Base):

  • We fixed an issue with the S3 Reindex Job marking “Complete” even with errors – #655
  • Restoring a terminated account no longer appears as suspended in the Accounts Page – #722
  • Updated the Change trial license expired Alert Level – #771
  • License Expired / Trial License Expired Notifications are now properly sent to configured Notification Integrations – #772
  • JetBackup 5 now catches more errors from Panel API – #756
  • Got rid of unnecessary full backups on Local Destinations – #779
  • Allow Reseller accounts that own themselves to restore their backups – #718
  • Once a day Notifications are now properly sent – #769
  • Enhanced our PostgreSQL User restore process – #786
  • Resolved an issue where the merge flag was not added in some cases – #773
  • Added better indication for when a Hook fails/aborts during restore – #747
  • Updated permissions of End-Users for Can Manage Backup Job – #754

JetBackup – v5.1.12.1 (cPanel):

  • Added Cagefs Mount flag to the post restore hook – #24
  • We fixed the PostgreSQL error during restore when the PSQL DB user has special characters – #70

JetBackup – v5.1.12.1 (Direct Admin):

  • Domains directory permission for users are now set correctly – #74
  • Added Cagefs Mount flag to post restore hook – #67
  • Made the Database User Restore more dynamic to MySQL configurations – #69
  • User enabled PHP extensions on CloudLinux are properly set post-restoration – #51
  • Removed the jetbackup user which caused the built-in DA backup to fail – #5

JetBackup – v5.1.12.1 (Linux):

  • Updated jetlighttpd to v1.4.55.1 – #1

Plugin Updates

S3 Compatible Destination Plugin – v1.0.19:

  • No longer allow special characters and whitespace in Backup Directory option – #39
  • JetBackup 5 now retries for multiple CURL response error codes – #36

Telegram Notification Plugin – v1.0.1:

  • Properly handle the Telegram Send Message character limit – #30

GUI Updates

JetBackup – v5.1.12 (Base):

  • Added Warning to “Has All Privileges” permission – #732
  • Updated the tooltip for Export JB Config Button – #766
  • Fixed unresponsive Insert Multiple button for Account Backup Jobs Exclude List under Manage Account – #793
  • Dashboard loading bar no longer appears as often – #784

JetBackup – v5.1.12.1 (cPanel):

  • Updated the Success Message Alerts cPanel end user panel – #78

Known Issues

The resolution of these issues is currently in progress!

  • Port JB4 Feature to JB5 – Limit restore per account. (JB5 Base #677)
  • Backing up the default email on cPanel. (JB5 Base #610)
  • Unable to restore multiple accounts at one time using the terminate option. (JB5 Base #630)
  • Direct Admin Email Forwarders not being backed up. (JB5 Base #694)
  • Backup files in user /etc folder. (JB5 Base #762)

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