We are pleased to announce our newest product: JetBackup For WordPress!

JetBackup For WordPress is the most complete all-in-one website backup plugin for WordPress end users of all skill levels. We offer the easiest way to backupmigrate and restore your WordPress website.

JetBackup For WordPress Features Include:

  • Unlimited Backups – enjoy as many 1-click on-demand backups as you need as well as scheduled backups.

  • Advanced Scheduling – Create unlimited schedules at any frequency including hourly, daily, weekly or yearly intervals.

  • Cloud Destinations – Choose from a wide range of cloud storage providers including: Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, One Drive, box.com, and pCloud. Our Pro version offers you the ability to use your own custom S3 destination.

  • Customized Backups – Only backup what you need. Choose any combination of specific WordPress files and databases to backup.

  • Website Migration – Fully automatic migration! No find & replace rules are required even if you are using a different domain or database prefix.

  • Reliable Restores – Restoring your website is quick and easy with JetBackup for WordPress. We offer multiple restore options so you can choose whether you want a full restore or just files or databases.

  • Set Retention Limits – Choose the number of backups you want saved before overwriting older backups. This will ensure you do not run out of space or pay for more storage than you need.

  • Set Up Exclusions – Exclude specific paths and database tables from your backups.

JetBackup for WordPress Plans & Pricing

For more information regarding our plans & pricing, please visit our Pricing Page.

JetBackup for WordPress Minimum Requirements

Required?JetBackup WP StarterJetBackup WP Solo, Admin & Pro
PHP 5.3.3YesYes
WordPress 3.8 or higherYesYes

Note: Dropbox SDK requires 64-bit system. Backup Guard will also require 64-bit system if the website is larger than 2GB.

For additional information including installation, getting started, FAQ and troubleshooting, please see our Documentation. Our support team is also always available 24/7/365 with 15-minute response times to assist you at support@jetapps.com.

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