In the IT/Hosting world the word “easy” almost never sounds right, right?


Implementing new technologies, learning new languages, staying on track with the latest information and managing systems isn’t really easy. In most cases it was made easy only after someone invested enormous amounts of time and effort to make it easy.


Data protection is no different. If you’ve been around for a while you are aware of the frustration related to restoring lost data. You have probably found yourself dealing with waiting for days until vital data was restored, if at all.


Hallelujah, we are living in different times and things have changed. The amount of data which needs to be backed up is ever growing and leaves no place for a complicated solution. We all need a solution that will perform the same tasks much faster and handle twice as much data if not more every year.


This is where JetBackup comes in for the rescue. We’ve made JetBackup EASY, efficient and fast so you won’t have to deal with data loss.


Here are 4 simple reasons why JetBackup makes data protection easy:


  1. Easy backup job setup

With just a few clicks you’ll be able to set up as many backup jobs as you’d like. Having each job backing up to a different destination if you would like.


  1. Easy restores

One click restore sounds easy? You bet! Either from a cPanel account or WHM, just click the restore button and you’re done.


  1. Easy learning curve

JetBackup was designed in such a way that you will rarely ever need documentation or a tutorial to keep you data safe. It is Intuitively easy.


  1. Easy reporting

JetBackup makes alerts, reporting and troubleshooting easy by presenting viable information at first glance. Logs are saved so developer’s support is made, well … easy.


Secure backups that can be used for quick restores are always at your fingertips when using JetBackup. Data loss is reduced dramatically to improve functionality and productivity.


I can keep on writing on how we do a great job, but how about you take JetBackup for a ride?


Start using JetBackup with a free 10-day trial today!