When I think of the word “upsell”, I am reminded of all the useless, mostly unrelated products many companies try to sell me as I am going through the checkout process.  What if I were to tell you that (if done correctly) upselling CAN increase customer satisfaction while at the same time generate additional revenue and increase retention rates!

Here are a few tips when it comes to upselling:

  1. ONLY upsell products related to what your client initially purchased from you.  Nothing turns off a client more than you bombarding them with an upsell of something they don’t even need.  When it comes to data backups, EVERYONE who purchases service from a web hosting provider cares about their data and NEEDS to make sure they have a reliable backup they can quickly restore with convienence.  

  2. DO NOT upsell to existing clients that are NOT HAPPY with the current service you provide them.  Mend the existing relationship to build trust before pitching them on a new product offering.

  3. TIMING IS EVERYTHING.  Reach out to your clients when they have the highest probability of purchasing additional services from you.  When is the best time to upsell?
  • Upsell in the shopping cart along with the primary service they are purchasing.

  • Upsell while providing customer service through your support system or live chat.

  • Upsell when the client reaches a certain metric.  For example, once the client’s current disk space reaches X amount.

Using our JetBackup WHMCS Module will make both selling and maintaining backup services to your clients quite easy.  DO NOT underestimate the peace of mind your clients want when it comes to their data and having additional backups! For more information about the JetBackup WHMCS Module please visit the following link:

JetBackup WHMCS Module Features

Studies have shown that selling to an existing customer is more than 3 times more likely to occur than selling to a new prospective client.  So be sure to reach out to your existing client base when you start upselling additional backup services!