Data storage is the critical foundation of every business.  Simply put, your data needs to be accessible, accurate and secure in order to compete in today’s data-driven world.  There have been many advancements made on both the hardware and software technology side of the storage industry over the last couple of years that are significantly changing how businesses manage their data.  

As companies around the world continue to see exponential growth in the sheer volume of data they produce, let’s look at the Top 4 Data Storage Trends most industry-leading companies have begun to implement

1. All Flash Storage Systems

SSD technologies have seen a sharp decline in cost while demand for high workloads continues to grow.  This boost in storage efficiency, speed, energy savings, and overall performance makes flash storage a no-brainer.  

2. Multiple Cloud Storage Environments

Many organizations have set up a two-pronged approach to tackle the issue of storing very sensitive data in the cloud.   Businesses are deploying private cloud data storage environments for their “top-secret” data while at the same time keeping much of their data on public cloud servers.   

3. Modern Data Protection

Data protection is much more than simply being able to backup and restore your data.  It gives you the ability to leverage secondary storage datasets such as backups, snapshots, images, etc. that you can now use in beta and other testing environments.

4. Automation & Artificial Intelligence

The integration of applications via API will continue to reduce the workload and provide a customized experience suited to fit the needs of each individual business.   Similarly, AI should have a transformational effect simplifying operations while expediting processes and production.

The success of your business is driven by the power of your data storage.   

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