Have you ever been troubleshooting a software issue and simply cannot find where the log files are located?  Or better yet, you come to find out the software’s log files are stored in 5 to 10 different and very random folders!?!?  

While your first thought might be, “Is this software company playing a sick joke on me?”, the unfortunate reality is that log files much of the time are an afterthought when designing a piece of software.   

With JetApps, you no longer have to deal with this nonsense.  
All logs for JetBackup will be listed in one place →  /usr/local/jetapps/var/log  

The entire JetApps “ecosystem” is kept in its own set of dedicated folders:

Here is a list of important folder locations:

Logs: /usr/local/jetapps/var/log

Executables: /usr/local/jetapps/usr/bin

Configuration: /usr/local/jetapps/etc

JetBackup Configuration: /usr/local/jetapps/etc/jetbackup

User Keys: /usr/local/jetapps/etc/jetbackup/userkeys
(local encryption keys for encrypted backups through GDPR mode)

Private Keys: /usr/local/jetapps/etc/jetbackup/privatekeys
(private ssh keys of destinations configured inside JetBackup)

When a software’s filesystem is well thought out and organized, it makes troubleshooting a breeze!